The Coldfire Project is a group of mycology researchers investigating the use of native fungi to heal and even improve our forests with the forest ecology itself. The investigation began in 2014, when investigator Jeff Ravage and his team began a five year experiment in rapid decay of post-logging debris into a “fire-safe” and nutrient rich compost. Done in the woods, by native wood rotters, and who ever else joins in by passes years of standard research where isolation of organisms is a desired goal. We want to make sure we are using only native organisms in our work, but intend to “kick start” other natural processes which we only discover after the fact. Our goal is not the production of products, but of techniques that can be shared. Our collaborative nature is intended to aid all of our partners is continuing experiments in myco-forestry, but also in the attainment of grants. The time to wait on saving the environment is long passed. Everyone who joins with us will become part of the project.